Why I don’t give stats.

My blog is not Argos, or the Yellow Pages.

My readers don’t come to my site to search for a supplier, find one they want then click and buy, directly quoting me as the referral source.

That isn’t the strength or purpose of a blog.

For a wedding supplier, working with my blog is a HUGE content marketing opportunity, and actually in terms of what’s around locally, it’s pretty unique.

It’s about consistent exposure to a relevant audience through a medium they know, like and trust. That’s why bloggers are called influencers in the marketing world. And THAT, my friends, is worth it’s weight in gold.

For the past year or so this lack of stat-giving-ability had been causing me consternation.  I’m a smart girl. I know that measurement and validation are important, but how could I PROVE to the suppliers who work with me that it’s beneficial to them.

Then it dawned on me. I can’t. And that’s OK.

It took doing some research with brides to help this realisation sink in. Talking to my readers I found that yes, they absolutely DO use my blog to research suppliers. But in line with the 2018 International Wedding Industry report, it is absolutely true that today’s couples are more discerning, they take time over selecting the right suppliers for them and they want to connect with and ‘know’ them before taking the leap to booking. This means they need to see a business featured or read reviews from other people, on average, 8 times before making a decision.

That right there is the power of the membership that I offer.

I’ve got a 90% retention rate for members staying with the Collective so thankfully the suppliers I attract are a savvy bunch and totally get this. But some don’t, and I’m learning now not to be sad or take it personally when a business doesn’t renew.

Not everyone’s marketing strategy is focused on harnessing the power of content marketing.

My offering may not be stat driven, but WOWSA is it a powerful way for local suppliers to reach couples in an engaging, consistent way. Constantly reinforcing their brand and putting their business into the minds of my readers in a way that isn’t salesy.

I see it now.

The strength of what I offer is exactly in what some perceive as a weakness. In this day and age with the proliferation of social media, groups, forums, blogs, directories, adverts etc, you can’t necessarily rely on an accurate answer to the traditional “where did you hear about us” question.

Where content marketing is concerned it’s only natural that the engaging and editorial nature of it won’t then necessarily make it “the” place that springs to mind for couples when asked “the question”, but aside from ‘proving my worth’, that doesn’t actually matter. I know that my members are getting their businesses tucked neatly into the sub conscious of my readers, and I know that I’m giving my readers a wealth of awesome suppliers to consider, so really, it’s a win-win!

Those that get it, get it.

I think this is a good rule for business, and actually life in general.

Do what you feel is right. Do it well and to the best of your ability. Work hard. Be genuine, honest and open. Follow your heart and don’t undervalue yourself.

The rest will follow.


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