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Secrets to instagram success…


OK, maybe not secrets, but these are just some of the things I think are important if you’re trying to build your instagram following…



Make your profile/bio work for you

Having a half-completed bio is a sure-fire way to send people away (or miss out on people finding your account in the first place).

Your name and bio are both searchable, so make sure they’re not only completed, but that you’ve included some of your top keywords in there too.

Make sure you add your location, even if it’s a generic county or town. If you have a bride looking for a local supplier, and your feed pops up, if your location isn’t there you’re gonna lose her. You HAVE to make it as easy as possible for people to know who you are, what you do, and where to find out more.

Finally. Add your website link. If someone looks at your insta feed, loves what they see and wants to know more, send them to your website. Keep them engaged in you and your business for as long as possible.



Post consistently

Whether that’s twice a day or once a week, just make sure you keep posting. Most people see instagram content through their feed or by searching hashtags. Posting 5 pictures in one day then not again for a month won’t keep bringing you new visitors.



Use hashtags. Correctly.

I hate seeing hashtags #used#like#this

Hashtagging a word turns it into a search word. I do NOT want to search used. Or like. Or this.

Think about what people would search if they were looking for you or your service, and hashtag those words at the end of your post. Instagram helpfully now gives you some clue as to the number of times hashtags are being used (you’ll see when you start typing your hashtag that others will pop up with numbers beside them). Bear in mind that if something has been used 2,355, 864 times, while that makes it popular it also makes your post like a needle in a haystack for that particular hashtag, so try to go for reasonably popular but not super high numbers.



Engage, engage, engage

Social media really comes into it’s own when you get engaged, and instagram is no different. Like and comment on people’s posts, not only is it a nice thing to do but they might then take a peek at your feed and reciprocate, building your following in the process.



Don’t steal other people’s pictures

If you see something that would look nice in your feed, ask the person before you screen grab and share. Or if you don’t ask permission, at the very least credit the original source/photographer of the image.



Tag people you’ve featured

Not only does it bring the image to their attention and encourage them to share it, follow you or like/comment, but it’s also a nice thing to do.


The final thing I would say, is this. Instagram isn’t necessarily for everyone. Social media can take up a huge amount of time and I get that. So if you don’t plan to be spending time on building your insta following, that’s cool. BUT, still register yourself an account, fill in all the stuff I’ve mentioned and pop 9 pics up (as a minimum). This way, if others want to mention you, there’s an account there for them to tag, it gives you a presence and enables you to send any potential visitors over to your website (or other preferred social media channel).


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