Feeling proud.

There’s a thing with us Brits that we have this innate need to be modest.

To celebrate our successes is seen as gauche.

But we SHOULD celebrate our successes. Kids are the first to come running and share their achievements, and we don’t shun them away – at what point did we lose that? Why can us grown ups not high five ourselves when we do something great?

So let me say this.

I am SO proud of what I’ve achieved. At the age of 18 I left home to go to university – the only person in my family to do that. Then I moved to London where I took a job at the World Trade Centre and at the age of 21 travelled to Japan, alone, for work. When we moved back to Cornwall I got a job at the local Council and quickly got a promotion to Marketing & Communications Manager. I spent 14 years at the Council and eventually left there at the end of 2015 to start an adventure in self employment.

The last couple of years has absolutely had it’s ups and downs.

Self employment is hard, of that there is no doubt.

But it’s so awesome too. The flexibility. The shaping of your business. And when you start to build a customer base, oh my, that is just the best thing ever.

I look at what I’ve achieved and I could honestly burst with joy… amazing readership, ever-growing engagement with brides, more and more suppliers realising the power of working with my blog and what this content marketing approach can offer, and my retention rate.


I always had this feeling that Pasties & Petticoats could be something special.

I knew brides would love this kind of wedding inspiration as it’s not just inspiring but relevant too. I may not be poetic in my writing style, but I’m real, and I write from the heart.  I’m down to earth, honest and open, and this is about giving brides not just pretty pictures or quotes from poets, but a hand to hold through their planning journey, the ups and downs that it brings and a place they can trust for recommendations and advice.

But I knew it’s strength went even further than brides.

What an opportunity for wedding suppliers too. To be able to be a part of something that is entirely focussed around their target client. Showcasing their services in such a consistent and engaging way, that’s pretty unique. An opportunity to step into that trusted space that brides are using to plan their wedding, and showcase what they do without it being salesy. That is a hugely powerful offering.

And so, Pasties & Petticoats is my full time job. I have around 100 members, all of which I am proud to call a part of the Wedding Collective family. My aim is to support them, to be a friend to them in their business, help them get as much as they can from working with me and build a community spirit along the way.

My moral of the story?

I guess it’s just to believe in yourself.

Take the leap.

Be brave.

Stick to your guns.

If something really feels right, go for it, all guns blazing. Be true to yourself, stay focussed and it WILL all fall into place.

And for every step you take, every little achievement no matter how big or small, celebrate it, and BE PROUD.


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