Dealing with procrastination-itis

It’s Tuesday morning.

The sky is blue and the sun is shining.

Outside is calling and I can’t get motivated to tackle my never ending Hadrian’s Wall of a to do list.

In the past half hour at my desk I’ve made a coffee. Replied to a WhatsApp message. Glimpsed briefly at my inbox. Stared blankly at my screen. Looked at my to do list. Drunk my coffee. And….looked at the blue sky a lot.

When it comes to procrastination, there is nobody to rival my incredible talent.

Why is it that sometimes you just can’t get motivated?

I know that once I get going I’ll be fine, but today the list seems overwhelming. There’s so much to do I don’t know where to start. And I know that after Friday I’ve got two sproglets home for a fortnight and work will be completely unachievable, so I need to be getting ahead.

Can I motivate myself though?

Can I heck.

For now I’ve decided to give into it.

I’m going to make another coffee, sit in the garden and stare at the blue sky for a bit, then come back to my desk at 10am. (It’s currently 9.22am).

My theory is better to give into it for a bit than sit here unproductive for the whole morning.

How do you deal with procrastination?

Please…..share your top tips cos I ain’t gettin’ nuttin’ done!


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