Business tools I just can’t live without

I’m a systems girl.

I like processes and programs and ways to keep everything in order.

There are a handful of business tools I just couldn’t live without and figured it might be useful to share, so here goes…



This one covers the accounting side of things. I can invoice which is nothing new, but it also allows me to set up direct debits, and automate invoices and payment collection which is awesome.

It also syncs up to your bank account, provides handy accounting reports and does some kind of magic link to HMRC for tax returns too but I haven’t used that feature yet.

Cost – £9.50 /month + VAT for 6 months, then £19 /month + VAT

Sign up through this link and we both get a 10% subscription discount


17 Hats

I LOVE 17 hats SO much. I have around 100 suppliers who I work with on a regular basis as well as other suppliers, brides, PR contacts etc. This doesn’t just keep all their info in one handy place, but it also allows me to make notes on their file if say we’ve had a chat about something that I need to remember. It links to my google calendar for reminders and events. AND it has a workflow option so I can automate things like membership renewals instead of having to remember everything. It’s awesome!

(Note – it also has an accounting function but it won’t do direct debits which is why I stick with freeagent for accounting).

COST – I do the annual plan which is $99 but worth every penny for me

Sign up with this link and save 10% on a year subscription.



I know this one might seem obvious but it really is a gem of a tool. Aside from easily sending out pretty emails to people, it gives you the option of creating pretty landing pages to encourage readers/potential clients to sign up to your email list.

It also has a cool little function so you can auto send emails at particular points (mine sends a welcome email with a link to a free download when new subscribers sign up).

If you’re a stats geek it also tells you cool stuff about how many opens and clicks you get etc.

COST – varies depending on number of subscribers and emails sent, but I pay around $15 a month for this.

Visit the mailchimp website here.



I feel like I spend half my life on social media, so I’ve tried out a fair few social media scheduling tools but this one is by far my fave.

I pay for an enhanced account so that it will schedule not just to facebook and twitter but also instagram and pinterest, and of course Google + and any other channels you want to add.

It’s so quick and easy to do and really is a huge time saver, so well worth having.

COST – Depends on social channels addedd. I pay $10 a month for this but there is a free option too.

Visit the Buffer website here.



As I’m sure you can imagine I spend A LOT of time having to format images ready to share on the blog. Blogstomp is my saviour.

Import your images, sort them into pretty mosaics and it will auto format them to your pre-determined size and preferences.

You can even add watermarks if you like.

Love it!

COST – one off purchase of $49

Visit the Blogstomp website here.



Just awesome for designing everything from logos to social media posts. Really easy to use and a super handy tool. Highly recommend it to anyone!

COST – I pay $12.95 a month for the upgraded account but there is a free option.

Visit the Canva website here.


So there you have it.

My must-have tools for getting through a day as a blogger.



What are your favourite business tools? What can you not live without?

Let me know in the comments below.


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