Best laid plans…

Sometimes, one just pulls a doozy.

This week has been one of those times for me in my little world.

Keen to try something new, I decided to have a go at a mailing campaign. A kick-ass offer I’d send to suppliers I love to raise awareness of what I do and get them on board.

Fun idea: check

Designed print: check

Envelopes: check

Gimmicky gift: check

Stamps: check


I spent hours lovingly hand addressing envelopes to my selected few. Stuffing envelopes, sticking on stamps and lugging the whole lot to the post box.

Imagine my horror when my phone rang, one of my lovely recipients at the end of the line, to let me know he’d been charged £1.50 excess postage!

It turns out that putting a teeny tiny sachet of coffee into the average birthday card sized envelope made it wider than 5mm. Quite honestly I don’t know whether to be in shock or enraged at this – it was literally NO different to a birthday card with a badge on or a couple of quid taped on the inside (or was it just my Aunty that used to do that!).

So now I’m in this embarrassing pickle where some have received it no problem. Some have received it but had to pay excess postage. And some have just had a little note telling them they need to come to the post office to collect and cover the underpayment.


Thankfully so far feedback has been positive and taken with a sense of humour, but honestly I have no idea to what degree this will impact on the huge thought, time and effort I put into this. How many people won’t receive it at all, bother to collect it or to respond?

SAD times.


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