Being a self-employed mum with a child with additional needs

I’ve thought long and hard about whether or not to share this.

I guess I’m usually of the ilk that I don’t post loads of personal stuff in my business context because it detracts and maybe even devalues the business stuff.

But you know – personal circumstances play a huge part in your life as a solopreneur and it’s time to get real.

Last week, our 8 year old son was diagnosed with autism.

We kind of expected the diagnosis – goodness knows we’ve had a pretty tough time managing his challenges, and fought long and hard for the assessment. Yet, having two professionals with a list of qualifications as longĀ  as your arm sitting beside you telling you your child is autistic is a reasonable punch in the guts.

The first couple of days it was just processing – what does this mean, what can we do to help him now armed with a diagnosis, updating the school and making a plan for moving forward.

It’s meant big changes though, and as a family we’ve really had to regroup, reassess and work out how to tick all the boxes (husband’s work, my business, our youngest son etc) while also supporting the biggest boy the very best we can.

I feel positive now. Armed with information and direction, we can focus on keeping him in school (which has been a daily battle for a long time now), and I can get to having set hours to crack on and focus on my own passion – my business.

Why am I sharing this?

I guess I just think it’s important to recognise that behind every sole trader is a life, a reality, other people, personal circumstances. And it’s important to consider that and be tolerant.

We’re all doing the best we can. I would spend 10 hours a day working on my business if I could. I love it. But that’s not my reality right now. I need to be there for my family and sometimes the balance will be tipped and they will always be top of my list, just as it should be.

Never feel guilty for that, because I don’t plan to.


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