Oh hey there, thanks for stopping by!

I’m Donna. I’m a full time blogger, running my own wedding blog for couples getting married in Cornwall and Devon.

I’ve always had a pretty strong entrepreneurial spirit and finally a couple of years ago gathered the courage to quit my local government career to turn my hobby into my job.

There hasn’t been a single millisecond where I’ve regretted it.

I have 20 years in marketing and communications behind me. Digital marketing, photography, copy writing and a lorra lorra social media have filled that time. I achieved a Masters in Management in my corporate job then went to winning the wedding media award at the South West Wedding Awards.

It’s been varied, but always on a theme, and I’ve learned SO MUCH along the way.

I love writing, the internet, social media, weddings and pretty pictures, so it’s fair to say that being a wedding blogger is pretty much me living the dream.

What’s more, the local wedding industry is pretty freakin’ awesome.

So this is my little space to share stuff I think others might appreciate. Things I’ve learned along the way, observations about the industry, random witterings and hopefully some useful stuff along the way.

Join me on my little journey. It’ll be a whimsical ride with witterings being added as and when inspiration takes hold.